Fox, M(ichael) W.

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FOX, M(ichael) W.

FOX, M(ichael) W. British, b. 1937. Genres: Children's fiction, Animals/Pets, Children's non-fiction, Agriculture/Forestry, Natural history, Philosophy, Environmental sciences/Ecology, Fashion/Costume, Food and Wine. Career: Vice President, The Humane Society of the U.S., Washington, D.C., since 1976. Associate Professor of Psychology, Washington University, St. Louis, 1969-76. Publications: Canine Behavior, 1965; Canine Pediatrics, 1966; Integrative Development of Brain and Behavior in the Dog, 1971; Behavior of Wolves, Dogs and Related Canids, 1971; Understanding Your Dog, 1972; Understanding Your Cat, 1974; Concepts in Ethology: Animal and Human Behavior, 1974; Ramu and Chennai, 1975; What Is Your Cat Saying, 1977; Wild Dogs Three, 1977; Between Animal and Man, 1976; What Is Your Dog Saying, 1977; Understanding Your Pet, 1978; One Earth One Mind, 1980; Returning to Eden: Animal Rights and Human Responsibilities, 1980; The Soul of the Wolf, 1980; The Touchlings, 1981; How To Be Your Pet's Best Friend, 1981; Dr. Michael Fox's Massage Program for Cats and Dogs, 1981; Love Is a Happy Cat, 1982; The Healing Touch, 1983; Farm Animals: Husbandry, Behavior and Veterinary Practice, 1983; The Whistling Hunters, 1984; The Animal Doctor's Answer Book, 1984; Agricide: The Hidden Crisis that Affects Us All, 1986; Laboratory Animal Husbandry, 1986; The New Eden, 1989; Inhumane Society: The American Way of Exploiting Animals, 1990; Superdog: Raising the Perfect Canine Companion, 1990; Supercat: Raising the Perfect Feline Companion, 1991; You Can Save the Animals: 50 Things to Do Right Now, 1991; Superpigs and Wondercorn: The Brave New World of Biotechnology and Where It All May Lead, 1992; The Boundless Circle: Caring for Creatures and Creation, 1996; Eating with Conscience: the Bioethics of Food, 1997. FOR CHILDREN. FICTION: The Wolf, 1973; Vixie, The Story of a Little Fox, 1973; Sundance Coyote; Whitepaws: A Coyote-Dog, 1979; Dr. Fox's Fables: Lessons from Nature, 1980; The Way of the Dolphin, 1981. NON-FICTION: Animals Have Rights Too, 1991. EDITOR: Abnormal Behavior in Animals, 1968; The Wild Canids, 1974; On the Fifth Day: Animal Rights and Human Obligations, 1978; (with L.D. Mickley) Advances in Animal Welfare Science 1985, 1986; (with Mickley) Advances in Animal Welfare Science 1986-87, 1987. Address: 2100 L St. NW, Washington, DC 20037, U.S.A.