Fox, Karl A(ugust)

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FOX, Karl A(ugust)

FOX, Karl A(ugust). American, b. 1917. Genres: Economics, Environmental sciences/Ecology, Mathematics/Statistics, Social sciences. Career: Distinguished Professor of Economics Emeritus, Iowa State University, Ames, 1987- (Head, Dept. of Economics, 1955-72; Distinguished Professor of Economics, 1968-87). Associate Head, 1947-51, and Head, 1951-54, Division of Statistical and Historical Research, U.S. Bureau of Agricultural Economics. Chairman, Social Science Research Council Committee on Areas for Social and Economic Statistics, 1964-67. Publications: Econometric Analysis for Public Policy, 1958; (with M. Ezekiel) Methods of Correlation and Regression Analysis, 3rd ed., 1959; (with E. Thorbecke and J. Sengupta) The Theory of Quantitative Economic Policy, 1966; Intermediate Economic Statistics, 1968, 2nd ed. (with T. Kaul), 2 vols., 1980; (with J. Sengupta) Economic Analysis and Operations Research: Optimization Techniques in Quantitative Economic Models, 1969; (with W. Merrill) Introduction to Economic Statistics, 1970; Social Indicators and Social Theory: Elements of an Operational System, 1974; Social System Accounts, 1985; The Eco- Behavioral Approach to Surveys and Social Accounts for Rural Communities, 1990, 1994; Demand Analysis, Econometrics, and Policy Models: Selected Writings of Karl A. Fox, vol. 1, 1992; Urban-Regional Economics, Social System Accounts, and Eco-Behavioral Science: Selected Writings of Karl A. Fox, vol. 2, 1994. EDITOR: (with D. Johnson) Readings in the Economics of Agriculture, 1969; (with J. Sengupta and G. Narasimham) Economic Models, Estimation and Risk Programming: Essays in Honor of Gerhard Tintner, 1969; (and contrib.) Economic Analysis for Educational Planning, 1972; (with D.G. Miles) Systems Economics, 1987. Address: Dept. of Economics, Iowa State University, Ames, IA 50011, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]