Fox, Hugh (Bernard)

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FOX, Hugh (Bernard)

FOX, Hugh (Bernard). Also writes as Connie Fox. American, b. 1932. Genres: Novels, Plays/Screenplays, Poetry, Literary criticism and history, Autobiography/Memoirs. Career: Loyola University of Los Angeles, CA, member of faculty, 1958-68; Smith-Mundt Professor of American Studies, Institute Pedagogico and University Catolica, Caracas, Venezuela, 1964-66; Michigan State University, East Lansing, professor of American thought and language, 1968-. Publications: 40 Poems, 1966; A Night with Hugh Fox, 1966; Eye into Now, 1967; Soul Catcher Songs, 1967; Apotheosis of Olde Towne, 1968; Henry James, 1968; Permeable Man, 1969; Open Letter to a Closed System, 1969; Countdown of an Empty Streetcar, 1969; Charles Bukowski, 1969; Mind Shaft, 1969; Son of Camelot Meets the Wolfman, 1969; (with S. Schott) Ghost Dance; Portfolio I, 1969; (with A. Cortina) Ghost Dance: Portfolio II, 1970; Ecological Suicide Bus, 1970; (with E.A. Vigo) Handbook Against Gorgons, 1971; (with G. Deisler) The Industrial Ablution, 1971; Paralytic Grandpa Dream Secretions, 1971; The Omega Scriptures, 1971; Icehouse, 1971; Kansas City Westport Mantras, 1971; Survival Handbook, 1972; Just, 1972; Caliban and Ariel, 1972; Peeple, 1973-74; Gods of the Cataclysm, 1975; Huaca, 1977; First Fire, 1978; Mom-Honeymoon, 1978; Leviathan: An Indian Ocean Whale Journal, 1981; The Dream of the Black Topaz Chamber (poetry), 1982; The Guernica Cycle: The Year Franco Died, 1982; Lyn Lifshin: A Critical Study, 1985; (as Connie Fox) Babishka: A Poem-cycle, 1985; Papa Funk (chapbook), 1986; The Mythological Foundations of the Epic Genre, 1988; (as Connie Fox) Our Lady of Laussel (poetry), 1991; (as Connie Fox) Skull Worship (poetry), 1991; Our Lady of Laussel (poetry), 1991; F. Richard (Dick) Thomas' Fiftieth Birthday (poetry), 1991; Jamais Vu (poetry), 1991; The Sacred Cave (poetry collection), 1992; Entre Nous (poetry), 1992; The Ghost Dance Anthology: Twenty-Five Years of Poetry from Ghost Dance, 1968-1993; Other Kinds of Scores, 1994; The Last Summer (novel), 1995; The Living Underground: The Prose Anthology, 1995; Stairway to the Sun (anthology), 1995; Hugh Fox: The Greatest Hits (poetry), 2002; Boston: A Long Poem, 2002. EDITOR: Anthology 2, 1969; The Living Underground, 1973; The Diamond Eye, 1975. Address: ATL/EBH, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48823, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]