Dover, Sir K(enneth) J(ames)

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DOVER, Sir K(enneth) J(ames)

DOVER, Sir K(enneth) J(ames). British, b. 1920. Genres: Classics, Autobiography/Memoirs. Career: Chancellor, University of St. Andrews, Scotland, 1981- (Professor of Greek, 1955-76). Fellow and Tutor, Balliol College, Oxford, 1948-55; President, Corpus Christi College, Oxford, 1976-86. Co-Ed., Classical Quarterly, 1962-68; President, Hellenic Society, 1971-74, Classical Association, 1976, and British Academy, 1978-81; Professor of Classics (winter quarter), Stanford University, California, 1987-92. Publications: Greek Word Order, 1960; (ed.) Thucydides Book VI, 1965; (ed.) Thucydides Book VII, 1965; (ed.) Aristophanes' Clouds, 1968; Lysias and the Corpus Lysiacum, 1968; (with A.W. Gomme and A. Andrewes) Historical Commentary on Thucydides, vol. IV, 1970; vol. V, 1980; (ed.) Theocritus: Select Poems, 1971; Aristophanic Comedy, 1972; Greek Popular Morality, 1975; Greek Homosexuality, 1978; The Greeks, 1980; (co-author) Ancient Greek Literature, 1980; Greek and the Greeks (Collected Papers, vol. I), 1987; The Greeks and Their Legacy, 1989; (ed.) Aristophanes' Frogs, 1993; Marginal Comment (memoirs), 1994; The Evolution of Greek Prose Style, 1997. Address: 49 Hepburn Gardens, St. Andrews, Fife KY16 9LS, Scotland.