Dow, Ellen Albertini 1918–(Ellen Albertini–Dow, Ellen Dow)

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DOW, Ellen Albertini 1918
(Ellen AlbertiniDow, Ellen Dow)


Original name, Ellen Albertini; born November 16, 1918, in Mount Carmel, PA; daughter of a car dealership owner and Ellen Albertini; married Eugene Dow, 1950. Education: Cornell University, degree in drama, 1935. Religion: Roman Catholic.

Addresses: Agent GVA Talent Agency, 9229 Sunset Blvd., Suite 320, Los Angeles, CA 90069.

Career: Actress. Taught drama and dance for 30 years; appeared in television commercial for Double Delight Oreo cookies, 2002.


Film Appearances:

Allison, American DriveIn, 1985.

Old lady, Tough Guys, Buena Vista, 1986.

Organist, Walk Like a Man, MetroGoldwynMayer/United Artists, 1987.

Little old lady, Munchies, MetroGoldwynMayer/United Artists, 1987.

Organist, Body Slam, New Line Home Video, 1987.

Nun, My Blue Heaven, Warner Bros., 1990.

Receptionist, Genuine Risk, IRS Entertainment, 1990.

Old lady, Blood and Concrete (also known as Blood and Concrete, a Love Story ), IRS Releasing, 1991.

Mrs. Coulson, Memoirs of an Invisible Man (also known as Les aventures d'un homme invisible ), Warner Bros., 1992.

Choir nun, Sister Act, Buena Vista, 1992.

Choir nun, Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit, Buena Vista, 1993.

Mrs. Norton, Twogether, 1994.

Organist (radio performer), Radioland Murders, Universal, 1994.

Rosie, The Wedding Singer, New Line Cinema, 1998.

Disco Dottie, 54 (also known as Studio 54 ), Miramax, 1998.

Aggie Kennedy, Patch Adams, Universal, 1998.

Mrs. Meltzer, Carnival of Souls (also known as Wes Craven Presents "Carnival of Souls "), Trimark Pictures, 1998.

Mrs. MacKenzie, Ready to Rumble, Warner Bros., 2000.

Barry's grandma, Road Trip, DreamWorks, 2000.

(As Ellen Dow) Mrs. Fleisher, Longshot (also known as Jack of All Trades ), 2001.

(As Ellen AlbertiniDow) Voice of See's Candies Box, Eight Crazy Nights (also known as Adam Sandler's 8 Crazy Nights ), Sony Pictures Entertainment, 2002.

Mrs. Kahn, Halfway Decent, 2003.

Television Appearances; Series:

(As Ellen Dow) Ethel Quagmire, Kenan & Kel, Nickelodeon, 19961997.

Grandma Harriet Krupp, Maybe It's Me, The WB, 2001.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Grandma Haldane, Going to the Chapel (also known as Wedding Day and Wedding Day Blues ), NBC, 1988.

Nanny, Easy Come, Easy Go, ABC, 1989.

Lydia, Things That Go Bump in the Night, ABC, 1989.

Lila Duvane, Problem Child 3 (also known as Problem Child 3: Junior in Love ), NBC, 1995.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Esther Kettering, Murder One: Diary of a Serial Killer, ABC, 1997.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Mrs. Pitman, K9, ABC, 1991.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Mrs. Hotchkiss, "Need to Know," The Twilight Zone, CBS, 1986.

Old lady, "Grandma," Mr. Belvedere, 1986.

Old woman, "The Storyteller," The Twilight Zone, CBS, 1986.

Lady, "A Mother and a Daughter," Highway to Heaven, 1987.

(As Ellen Dow) Anna Lausch, "Nor Iron Bars a Cage," Beauty and the Beast, 1987.

Mrs. Baer, "Los dos dipestos," Moonlighting, 1988.

"The Trip: Part 1," Mr. Belvedere, 1988.

Mrs. Leonard, "The Days and Nights of Sophia Petrillo," The Golden Girls, CBS, 1988.

"In the Still of My Pants," Hooperman, 1989.

Lillian, "Sophia's Choice," The Golden Girls, CBS, 1989.

Dorothy Benson, "Utley Exposed," Newhart, CBS, 1989.

Dorothy Benson, "Good Lord Louden," Newhart, 1989.

Miss Gilbert, "The Big Reunion," Family Matters, ABC, 1990.

Aunt Belle, "The Bitch's Back," Murphy Brown, CBS, 1990.

Tight Lips, "Miss Trial," Designing Women, CBS, 1990.

Mrs. Ferguson, "Have Yourself a Merry Winslow Christmas," Family Matters, ABC, 1990.

Sarah, "Older and Wiser," The Golden Girls, NBC, 1991.

Grandma, "Dr. RuthApril 25, 1985," Quantum Leap, NBC, 1992.

Debbie, "The Customer's Usually Right," Wings, NBC, 1992.

Mrs. Tambora, "Kevin Delivers," The Wonder Years, 1992.

The salesclerk, "Damned If You Do," The Building, CBS, 1993.

Elderly lady, "Scenes from a Mall," Family Matters, ABC, 1993.

Mrs. Ostendorf, "That's What Friends Are For," Family Matters, ABC, 1993.

Old woman, "Dirty Deeds," The John Larroquette Show, NBC, 1993.

Mildred, "The Woman Who Came to Dither," Empty Nest, NBC, 1994.

Miss Abbington, "It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To," Hearts Afire, CBS, 1994.

First little old lady, "Baby Blues," On Our Own, ABC, 1994.

Felisa M. Howard, "Sub Rosa," Star Trek: The Next Generation, syndicated, 1994.

Elderly woman, "Death and Execs," Cybill, CBS, 1995.

Mrs. Riblet, "Hell and High Water," ER, NBC, 1995.

Momma, "The Secret Code," Seinfeld, NBC, 1995.

Betty, "Single White Teenager," Sister, Sister, ABC, 1995.

Miss Mae, "One Sorry Mother," Hope & Gloria, NBC, 1996.

Mrs. Porter, "Friends and Lovers," Ned and Stacey, Fox, 1996.

Mrs. Porter, "New Year's Eve," Ned and Stacey, Fox, 1996.

Aunt Ida Watherwax, "A Little Snag," Sisters, NBC, 1996.

Mrs. Porter, "The End?," Ned and Stacey, Fox, 1996.

Woman, "Something about Cheating," Something So Right, 1996.

"Something about a Christmas Miracle," Something So Right, 1996.

Craft granny, "Dave Barry, Call Your Agent," Dave's World, CBS, 1997.

Old lady, "A River of Candy Corn Runs through It," Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, ABC, 1997.

(Uncredited) Mr. Kent's mother, "Fran Gets Shushed," The Nanny, 1998.

Lily, "Seems Like Old Times," Suddenly Susan, NBC, 1998.

Flo, "What Ever Happened to Baby Payne?," Payne, CBS, 1999.

Flo, "Gossip Checks In and a Cat Checks Out," Payne, CBS, 1999.

Flo, "Pacific Ocean Duck," Payne, CBS, 1999.

Mrs. Gallo, "Jack Vents," Just Shoot Me!, NBC, 1999.

Spooky Eleanor, "Underworld," G vs. E (also known as Good vs. Evil ), USA Network, 2000.

Miss Marie, "The Next Step," Nikki, The WB, 2000.

Sylvia Walker, "The Young and the Tactless," Will & Grace, NBC, 2001.

Mrs. Powell, "Hold on Tight," Judging Amy, CBS, 2001.

Grandma Nan, "March Madness," Yes, Dear, CBS, 2003.

Also appeared as the old woman, Down the Shore, Fox; second woman, Frannie's Turn, CBS; Mrs. DiNovio, Cosby, CBS; Jennifer SimpsonRiley, Jack's Place, ABC; Nurse, Clueless, UPN; Emily, Second Chances, CBS; Mrs. Gunther, The Boys Are Back, CBS; in Vibe.



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