Death in the Garden

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Death in the Garden ★★ La Mort en Ce Jardin; Evil Eden 1956

Surreal film, filled with symbolism, about a group of French people, living in a South American settlement, who must flee a riot between soldiers and striking miners. Local adventurer, Chark (Marchal), agrees to lead them to safety but their trek through the jungle is fraught with peril (and not just from the animal life). French with subtitles. 90m/C VHS . MX FR Georges Marchal, Simone Signoret, Charles Vanel, Michele Girardon, Michel Piccoli, Tito Junco; D: Luis Bunuel; W: Luis Bunu-el, Luis Alcoriza, Raymond Queneau; C: Jorge Stahl Jr.; M: Paul Misraki.