Death in Brunswick

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Death in Brunswick ★★ Nothing to Lose 1990 (R)

Carl Fitzgerald (Neill) seems to be one of life's born losers—his wife's left him, his mother nags him, his house is falling apart, and he's unemployed. At least until he gets a job as a chef in a sleazy rock 'n' roll club and finds Sophie (Carides), the lovely barmaid, who just happens to be engaged to the club's owner. Of course, with Carl's luck, things go from bad to downright dangerous. Based on the novel by Boyd Oxlade. 106m/ C VHS . AU Sam Neill, Zoe Carides, Yvonne Lawley, Boris Brkic, John Clarke; D: John Ruane; W: John Ruane, Boyd Oxlade; C: Ellery Ryan.