The Biggest Fan

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The Biggest Fan ★½ 2002

Silly teen romance about a fan and a boy band. Shy high school sophomore Debbie (Amariah) is the number one fan of Dream Street. Disappointed at missing their local concert, Debbie wakes up the next morning to a huge shock—she finds lead singer Chris Trousdale (playing himself) passed out in her room! Loopy from cold medicine, Chris missed the concert and stumbled around until he found a convenient place to crash. Debbie agrees to hide the dreamboat, who needs a timeout from all that squealing and screaming, but what if her parents find out? 95m/C DVD . US Marissa Tait, Richard Moll, Noriyuki “Pat” Morita, Michael Meyer, Kaila Amariah, Chris Trousdale, Morgan Brittany, Leslie Easterbrook, Jesse McCartney, Shanelle Workman, Cindy Williams; D: Michael Criscione; W: Michael Criscione, LeeAnn Kemp, Liz Sinclair; C: Wes Llewellyn. VIDEO