The Big Tease

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The Big Tease ★★ 1999 (R)

Gay Glasgow hairdresser Crawford Mackenzie (Ferguson) thinks he's being asked to compete in the prestigious World Freestyle Hairdressing Championship being held in Los Angeles. So he heads to Hollywood and discovers he's just been asked to observe. Blithely selfconfident, Crawford simply decides he will not only find a way to enter but he will defeat his snippy Swedish rival, Stig (Rasche). Goodnatured, campy fluff. 86m/C VHS, DVD . GB Kevin Allen, Craig Ferguson, Frances Fisher, Chris Langham, Mary McCormack, Donal Logue, Larry Miller, David Rasche, Charles Napier, David Hasselhoff, Cathy Lee Crosby, Bruce Jenner, Isabella Aitken; D: Kevin Allen; W: Craig Ferguson, Sacha Gervasi; C: Seamus McGarvey; M: Mark Thomas.