Pulver, Lilo (1929—)

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Pulver, Lilo (1929—)

Swiss-born actress. Name variations: Liselotte Pulver. Born on October 11, 1929, in Berne, Switzerland.

Selected filmography:

Swiss Tour (Four Days Leave, Switz.-US, 1949); Föhn (1950); Heidelberger Romanze (1951); Klettermaxe (1952); Ich and Du (1953); Uli der Knecht (Switz., 1954); Der letzte Sommer (1954); Hanussen (1955); Les Aventures d'Arsène Lupin (Fr., 1956); Bekenntnisse des Hochstaplers Felix Krull (The Confessions of Felix Krull, 1957); Das Wirtshaus im Spessart (The Spessart Inn, 1958); A Time to Love and a Time to Die (US, 1958); Le Joueur (Fr., 1958); Helden (Arms and the Man, 1959); Buddenbrooks (1959); Das Glas Wasser (A Glass of Water, 1960); One Two Three (US, 1961); Maléfices (Where the Truth Lies, Fr., 1962); Lafayette (Fr.-It., 1962); Monsieur (Fr.-It.-Ger., 1964); A Global Affair (US, 1964); La Religieuse (The Nun, Fr., 1965); L'Ombrellone (Weekend Italian Style, It.-Fr.-Sp., 1966); Hokuspokus (1966); Pistol Jenny (1969); Brot und Steine (Switz., 1979).

Trained for the stage in her native Berne, and discovered by the famed director Leopold Lindtberg (1902–1984), actress Lilo Pulver starred in German films and in European co-productions during the 1950s and 1960s. She portrayed a number of notable characters on screen, among them Antonie Buddenbrook in an adaptation of Thomas Mann's Buddenbrooks (1959), Queen Anne in Das Glas Wasser (A Glass of Water, 1960), and Marie Antoinette in Lafayette (1962). Pulver's American films include A Time to Love and a Time to Die (1958), One Two Three (1961), and A Global Affair (1964).