Pulzer, Peter G.J.

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PULZER, PETER G.J. (1929– ), British political historian. Born in Vienna, Pulzer was a lecturer in politics at Oxford University from 1952 and, in 1985–91 was Gladstone Professor of Government and Administration at Oxford and a fellow of All Souls College. Pulzer's best-known work, The Rise of Political Antisemitism in Germany and Austria (1964), was a pioneering study of the emergence of modern political hostility towards the Jews in German-speaking Central Europe. He wrote widely on German and German-Jewish history, in such works as Jews and the German State (1992) and Emancipation and Its Discontents: The German-Jewish Dilemma (1997). A Festschrift in his honor, edited by Henning Tewest and Jonathan Wright, Liberalism, Anti-Semitism, and Democracy (2001), includes a biography.

[William D. Rubinstein (2nd ed.)]