Pumpkinhead 4: Blood Feud

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Pumpkinhead 4: Blood Feud ★½ 2007 (R)

Jody Hatfield and Ricky McCoy fall in love despite their families' ongoing feud. But when Ricky's younger sister dies, he decides to get the local witch to call up Pumpkinhead to kill all the Hatfields except for lover Jody. A ghostly Ed Harley tries to convince 'em that this is a bad idea since Pumpkinhead isn't going to check IDs before he starts his slaughter. Better than the previous entry but still standard monster fare. 95m/C DVD . Rob Freeman, Richard Durden, Lance Henriksen, Bradley Taylor, Amy Manson, Claire Lams; D: Michael Hurst; W: Michael Hurst; C: Eric Wilson; M: Robert Lord. VIDEO