Wallis, E. W. (1848-1914)

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Wallis, E. W. (1848-1914)

British trance medium, inspirational speaker, healer, lecturer, and author. "Lightheart," the spirit of a South American Indian, claimed responsibility for his mediumistic development. "Standard Bearer," "Leader," and "Tom Joyce" were others of his well-known controls.

Assisted by his wife, also a notable psychic, Wallis did propaganda work for many decades. He assisted Emma H. Britten in starting the journal The Two Worlds in Manchester, which he edited until 1899. In that year he came to London and became editor of Light, a position he held until his death.

As a medium, his wife did not enter deep trance. She could hear the words she spoke but reportedly could not prevent herself from saying them. Her mediumship began at the age of eighteen in 1872. A young Spanish Indian girl, "Veina Goree," was her first control. From 1875 onward, she gave inspirational addresses at the Spiritual Institution founded by James Burns. While speaking there, she was suddenly controlled by "Morambo," an African slave who died in South America.

Wallis produced physical phenomena for many years. His wife was associated with the London Spiritualist Alliance and answered questions on Spiritualism in afternoon meetings.