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Society of Novus Spiritus

The Society of Novus Spiritus was founded in 1986 by spirit medium Sylvia Browne (1936-), who has been channeling a spirit, Francine, since the 1960s. The society was created to disseminate the teachings that have been received over the past 25 years. Novus Spiritus strives to uncover all of the "mysteries" regarding the nature of life, death, God, and the role humans play in life's scheme. Members believe that God never withholds information, though individuals may choose to ignore it.

Novus affirms the existence of an all-loving God and is dedicated to eliminating what it considers the false concepts of Satan, hell, sin, guilt, and the fear of God, all of which are contrary to its understanding of a benevolent Creator. The pain of life is not punishment from God; rather it is a learning tool, and a very necessary one in the larger scheme of life.

The society also affirms that after "death," the human soul goes to the Other Side, which is better known as heaven. This place is the true reality, as opposed to the temporal planet Earth. The Other Side is eternal, a place of total harmony, no physical limitations. The individual's identity is intact. Life exists in its most wondrous and joyous form on the Other Side. Even though the Other Side is total beauty and happiness, the soul may not be at peace and will still seek to better itself. This seeking drives an urge again to enter life on Earth to experience God's knowledge, gaining perfection in the process. Each soul decides how much experience it wants. While some may never have a life on Earth, others will choose 50 or more lives.

Based upon the observation that everything in nature exhibits a dual nature, most notably in the pairing of male/female, the society teaches that this pattern extends even to the Most High, to God. Members believe in both Mother God and Father God who reflect the patterns of nature. While God the Father holds creation in a constant state of being, God the Mother actively works with and through human beings for learning and perfection. Each is a distinct entity, not just a nebulous force, and they are addressed as Om (male) and Azna (female).

The society exists to help prepare individuals to receive God's wisdom. It teaches that knowledge provides the key needed to unlock the mind, and considers itself to be a Gnostic organization, by which it means that members are seekers after truth (gnosis). God is the source of all truth, available to all who are ready to receive it. The society promotes a community of people who seek to be guided by the Light and dedicated to living a spiritual life.

The society holds weekly celebration services in Campbell, California, and Seattle, Washington. The work of the society is expanded through study groups which utilize a 16-volume set of books written by Browne, Journey of the Soul. Monthly, related study groups receive two cassette tapes by Browne to focus their meetings. Those who complete the Journey of the Soul lessons may choose to take more advanced lessons leading to becoming a deacon and ordained minister of the society.

The Society of Novus Spiritus is headquartered at 35 Dillon Ave., Campbell, CA 95008-3001. Its website can be found at


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