Graal, The Lost Book of the

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Graal, The Lost Book of the

The alleged origin of the Christian form of the Graal (Holy Grail ) legend. Seven ancient books are cited as being the possible source of the story, but not one has been so proven. The Huth Merlin refers to a "Book of the Sanctuary," but this volume is a book of records, not containing any special spiritual allusion. If the lost book of the Graal ever existed it may have been a mass book used about 1100. Its contents would have related to a mass following the Last Supper.

The mystery of the Graal is threefold: (1) its origin, which is part of the mystery of the Incarnation; (2) its manifestation, which would have taken place had the world been worthy; and (3) its removalthis world being unworthy, the Graal was said to be removed, yet not hidden, for it is always discernible by anyone worthy of seeing it.

It seems unlikely that such a mass book ever existed.


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