Feola, Jose M(aria) (1926-)

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Feola, Jose M(aria) (1926-)

Argentine radiobiologist and parapsychologist. Feola was born May 30, 1926, in Buenos Aires and served in Argentine army research in the 1940s, earning the rank of lieutenant. Feola was a radiobiological researcher at the Argentine Atomic Energy Commission in Buenos Aires (1956-64) before moving to the United States in 1965 as a researcher at Donner Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley (1965-69). He was awarded a fellowship from the National Academy of Sciences and International Atomic Energy Agency for 1959-61.

He subsequently became an instructor in radiobiology at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis (1970-73), and an instructor in parapsychology at the University of Minnesota extension division (1972-75), before accepting a position as an assistant professor of clinical medicine at the University of Kentucky in 1975. Feola became a naturalized citizen in 1974.

His interest in parapsychology developed early in his professional career. Before his move to the United States he served as director of the Argentine Institute for Parapsychology (1957-64). He subsequently joined the American Society for Psychical Research, the Parapsychological Association, the California Society for Psychical Studies (president, 1968-70), and the Minnesota Society for Parapsychological Research (president, 1971-73).

His writings include PK, Mind Over Matter (1975), the column "Parapsychology Today" in Gnostica, beginning in 1974, and various articles in scientific journals and in Psychic magazine.


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