Ferber, Ẓevi Hirsch

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FERBER, ẒEVI HIRSCH (1879–1966), English rabbi. Ferber was born in Kovno and studied in Lithuanian yeshivot. In 1911 he settled in England and after teaching Talmud in Manchester was appointed rabbi of the West End Talmud Torah Synagogue in London, where he remained until his retirement in 1954. His congregation had its own cemetery, and a number of other small congregations were associated with his, mainly for the benefits of burial. As a result Ferber was able to be independent of the official religious organizations, a situation of which he took full advantage. He was a witty and eloquent preacher in the style of the old-fashioned Lithuanian maggidim. Ferber was a prolific writer, mainly on homiletic but also on halakhic subjects; most of his publications were in the form of pamphlets. His most important work was Kerem ha-Ẓevi, a halakhic and aggadic commentary on the Pentateuch (1920–38). He also wrote a commentary on the Passover Haggadah under the same title (1958).


Yahadut Lita, 3 (1967), 79.

[Louis Isaac Rabinowitz]

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Ferber, Ẓevi Hirsch

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