Herrmann, Hugo

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HERRMANN, HUGO (1887–1940), Zionist author, editor, and propagandist. Born in Maehrisch-Truebau (Moravska Trebova), Moravia, Herrmann attended the German University in Prague and became a teacher. He also was a member of the editorial staff of Selbstwehr, the Prague Zionist weekly; his cousin Leo *Hermann was another member of the staff. In 1913–14 he was editor in chief of Juedische Rundschau, the central organ of the Zionist Organization in Germany. He served in the army in World War i and after his discharge became editor of the Juedisches Volksblatt in Maehrisch-Ostrau (Moravska Ostrava), a post he retained from 1919 to 1922. He also organized the work of the *Keren Hayesod in Czechoslovakia and edited the newspaper published at the Zionist Congresses. Eventually he became one of the chief propagandists of the Keren Hayesod and traveled extensively on behalf of the fund. In 1934 he settled in Jerusalem.

Herrmann was one of the founders of Bar Kochba, the Jewish students' organization in Prague and engaged in literary activities on Jewish and Zionist subjects for most of his life. His publications include books on his travels in Ereẓ Israel, on the Arab question, a children's book on Jewish holidays, a book on the geography of Ereẓ Israel (published in several editions), etc. Shortly before his death he published a part of his memoirs.


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