Heilbut, Eleazar Lazi ben Joseph ben Lazi

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HEILBUT, ELEAZAR LAZI BEN JOSEPH BEN LAZI (1740–1814), rabbi and author. Heilbut was born in Berlin. He was first a dayyan in Posen and then succeeded Raphael b. Jekuthiel Susskind*Kohen as rabbi of the combined community of Hamburg, Altona, and Wandsbeck. He was the teacher of the literary historian and bibliographer, Heimann Joseph *Michael, who married his daughter. Heilbut compiled a work on the Shulḥan Arukḥ Ḥoshen Mishpat, the first part of which was published by his son Moses under the title Mishnah de-Rabbi Eli'ezer ve-hu Dammesek Eli'ezer (Altona 1815). He wrote a polemic against the Miẓpeh Yokte'el of Saul *Berlin which was published without a title or the name of the author (ibid., 1789). A large number of his works remain in manuscript. They include a work on the Shulḥan Arukh Even ha-Ezer, the manuscript of which was stolen from him; novellae and glosses to the Talmud, as well as commentaries on the minor tractates of the Talmud; an exegetical homiletical work on the Pentateuch with expositions of Rashi's commentary; and an alphabetical composition of all the rules of blessings with sources. His glosses to Joseph b. Wolf Heilbut's homiletical commentary to the Pentateuch, Beitah Yosef, are still extant (Neubauer, Cat. no. 1387/2).

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Heilbut, Eleazar Lazi ben Joseph ben Lazi

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