Heikkinen-Komonen, Mikko Heikkinen

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Heikkinen-Komonen, Mikko Heikkinen (1949– ), and Markku Komonen (1945– ). Finnish architects, in partnership from 1978. Their style is rooted in the traditions of Finnish and International Modernism. They achieved recognition with their competition-winning design for the Heureka Finnish Science Centre, Helsinki (1986–8), a complex composition of intersecting volumes which suggests themes of order and disorder. Their later works were realized in a more austere manner, including the European Film School, Ebeltoft, Denmark (1990–3), the Finnish Embassy, Massachusetts Avenue, Washington, DC, USA (1989–94— where the exterior maintains a strict rectilinear geometry, but the interior has angled planes and sweeping curved stairs), and the McDonald's Headquarters, Helsinki (1997).


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Heikkinen-Komonen, Mikko Heikkinen

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