Heilpern (Raphael), Yom Tov Lipman ben Israel

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HEILPERN (Raphael ), YOM TOV LIPMAN BEN ISRAEL (1816–1879), rabbi and author. Heilpern was born in Rozan where his father was rabbi, and was appointed rabbi of Krewo in 1836. He later served in Kieidany, Ciechanowiec, Mezhirech, and finally in Bialystok (1859), where he died. His collection of responsa, Oneg Yom Tov (2 parts, 1880), was highly regarded in rabbinical circles. He also wrote a homiletical work under the same title (1906). Heilpern played an active role in communal affairs. Because of his opposition to certain communal notables who discriminated against the children of the poor in favor of the rich with regard to the selection for military service, he was accused of disloyalty to the Russian government, tried, and sentenced to several months of imprisonment.


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[Samuel Abba Horodezky]

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Heilpern (Raphael), Yom Tov Lipman ben Israel

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