Heim, Michael Henry

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HEIM, Michael Henry

HEIM, Michael Henry. American, b. 1943. Genres: Politics/Government, Translations. Career: Czech Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO, Prague, Czechoslovakia, translator, summers of 1965, 1966, and 1968; Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Prague, lexicographer, summers of 1966 and 1968; Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, teaching fellow, 1966-69, visiting associate professor, 1985-86; University of Wisconsin, Madison, assistant professor, 1970-72; University of California, Los Angeles, assistant professor, 197279, associate professor, 1979-86, professor, 1986-; University of California, Berkeley, visiting assistant professor, 1977-78. Publications: NONFICTION: Contemporary Czech, 1976; The Russian Journey of Karel Havlicek Borovsky, 1979. TRANSLATOR: The Letters of Anton Chekhov, 1973, as Anton Chekhov's Life and Thought: Selected Letters and Commentary, 1996; The Death of Mr. Baltisberger by B. Hrabal, 1975; Three Sisters (play) by A. Chekhov, 1976; Uncle Vanya (play) by A. Chekhov, 1976; The Seagull (play) by A. Chekhov, 1979; The Cherry Orchard (play) by A. Chekhov, 1980; The Book of Laughter and Forgetting by M. Kundera, 1980; The Joke by M. Kundera, 1982; The Island of Crimea by V. Aksyonov, 1983; Novel With Cocaine by M. Ageyev, 1984; The Unbearable Lightness of Being by M. Kundera, 1984; Jacques and His Master: An Homage to Diderot in Three Acts (play) by M. Kundera, 1985; Crime and Punishment (play), 1986; Chekhov by H. Troyat, 1986; Master and Margarita (play), 1987; (with A.W. Bouis) In Search of Melancholy Baby by V. Aksyonov, 1987; The White Plague (play) by K. Capek, 1988; The Encyclopedia of the Dead (short stories) by D. Kis, 1989; Astrophobia by S. Sokolov, 1990; Too Loud a Solitude by B. Hrabal, 1990; Helping Verbs of the Heart by P. Esterhazy, 1991; A Certain Finkelmeyer by F. Roziner, 1991; Fording the Stream of Consciousness (short stories) by D. Ugresic, 1991; (with C. Hawkesworth) In the Jaws of Life (short stories) by D. Ugresic, 1992; Uncle Fedya, His Dog, and His Cat (children's book) by E. Uspensky, 1993; Prague Tales (short stories) by J. Neruda, 1993; Migrations, Vol 1, by M. Tsernianski, 1994; (and selector and author of afterword) The Melancholy of Rebirth: Essays from Post-Communist Central Europe, 1989-1994 (nonfiction) by G. Konrad, 1995; Dancing Lessons for the Advanced in Age by B. Hrabal, 1995. EDITOR: (with O. Matich) The Third Wave: Russian Literature in Emigration, 1984; (with Z. Meyerstein and D. Worth) Readings in Czech, 1985; Maria and the Angels (play) by P. Kohout, 1989; Magic Prague, by A.M. Ripellino, trans by D.N. Marinelli, 1993; Talks With T.G. Masaryk (nonfiction), by K. Capek, trans by D. Round, 1995. Contributor of scholarly articles and reviews to journals; contributor of reviews of contemporary East European literature to periodicals. Address: Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, 115 Kinsey Hall, University of California, 405 Hilgard Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90095, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]