Heilprun, Eliezer Leizer ben Mordecai

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HEILPRUN, ELIEZER LEIZER BEN MORDECAI (1648–1700), Galician rabbi. Heilprun was born in Jaroslaw (Galicia), and studied in Pinczow at the yeshivah of Saul Katzenellenbogen, father of his son-in-law, Moses Katzenellenbogen. His dialectical ability gained him the sobriquet of "R. Leizer Ḥarif" ("the sharp-witted"). He served as rabbi of Mezhirech and of Tomaszow, and in 1700 moved to Fuerth where he died. He left in manuscript glosses to the Talmud, sermons, responsa, rulings, and hadranim on tractates of the Talmud entitled Si'aḥ ha-Se'udah ("Conversations at Meals"), the hadran being delivered at a festive banquet held on the completion of the study of a tractate.


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[Yehoshua Horowitz]