Gunthildis, Ss.

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Possibly three saints who bore this name:

Gunthildis of wimborne, England, an Anglo-Saxon nun who with her daughter, Bertgitha, accompanied lioba to Germany and became an abbess in Thuringia. One of the letters of boniface (n. 67) is addressed to her as well as to Lioba and Abbess thecla.

Feast: Dec. 8.

Gunthildis of Eichstätt, an abbess, whom Gundecar II, bishop of Eichstätt (d. 1075) lists in his Pontifical. He transferred her remains from Suffersheim to his cathedral, where she was honored among the 12 founders of Eichstätt.

Feast: Sept. 28.

Gunthildis of Plankstetten, a servant girl venerated at the Abbey of Plankstetten in the Diocese of Eichstätt, though buried at Suffersheim. If it could be proved, as Bauerreiss suggests, that the servant-girl story (which is found only after 1517) was fiction, both the abbess and servant girl might prove to be one and the same saint who in turn might prove to be the follower of Lioba.

Feast: Sept. 22.

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