Guntbert of Saint-Bertin

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Monk; b. probably at Cormont (Pas-de-Calais), c. 810; d. after 868. He was the son of Goibert, a rich landowner of Morinia, who during a trip to Rome (826) dedicated Guntbert to St. Peter. Upon his return Guntbert entered the monastic school of saint-bertin as a resident student. In 831 father and son jointly made gifts to the monastery on Sithiu and the collegiate church of Sainte Marie, which, although separated after 820, remained on good terms. Guntbert copied and illuminated antiphonaries for Sainte-Marie and the abbeys of Bergues-Saint-Winnoc and Saint-Bertin. At Saint-Bertin he founded the scriptorium, which became famous under Odbertus. After being named provost, he was ordained in 844. His relations with the abbey deteriorated and in 868, old and ill, he left for Rome to petition the Pope for justice. There is no further record of him.

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