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Gunshy ★★★ 1998 (R)

Familiar crime genre has some fine performances and an intelligent script. Journalist Jake Bridges (Petersen) heads to Atlantic City after catching his wife cheating on him. His drunken ranting gets him trouble, but Jake is rescued by likeable smalltime mob guy Frankie (Wincott) and his hot girlfriend, Melissa (Lane). Jake hangs around watching Frankie work and making passes at Melissa but it just might be that Jake has his own hidden agenda, as well. 101m/ C VHS, DVD . William L. Petersen, Michael Wincott, Diane Lane, Kevin Gage, Michael Byrne, Meat Loaf Aday, Eric Schaeffer, Musetta Vander, John Fleck, Badja (Medu) Djola, R. Lee Ermey, Natalie Canerday; D: Jeff Celentano; W: Larry Gross; C: John Aronson; M: Hal Lindes.