Gunslinger's Revenge

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Gunslinger's Revenge ★★ Il Mio West 1998 (PG-13)

After 20 years Doc Lowen's (Pieraccioni) gun-toting, outlaw father Johnny (Keitel) resurfaces much to Doc's dismay as he's devoted his life to a peace-loving existence with his wife and young son. While they try to resolve their issues Johnny must also contend with the return of his former nemesis Jack Sikora (Bowie) who's bent on revenge. Pace is slow on the draw (even for a Western) and a dubbed-over Keitel shoots a blank though Bowie followers will want to lasso this one. In Italian with English subtitles. 87m/C DVD . Harvey Keitel, David Bowie, Sandrine Holt, Vincenzo Pardini, Leonardo Pieraccioni; D: Giovanni Veronesi; W: Giovanni Veronesi, Vincenzo Pardini. VIDEO