Eisenman, Charles

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EISENMAN, CHARLES (1864?–1923), U.S. philanthropist. Eisenman was born in New York City. Moving to Cleveland, Ohio, he co-founded the K and E (later Kaynee) Company, manufacturing boys' clothing, in 1888. Eisenman retired as company president in 1906 and devoted himself entirely to philanthropic work. He was the founder and first president of the Cleveland Federation of Jewish Charities from 1904 until his death; he was active in the Cleveland Community Fund Council, the American Jewish Committee, the American Jewish Relief Committee, and other organizations. During World War i he was chairman of the Council of National Defense Committee on Purchases and Supplies, for which he received the Distinguished Service Medal. He advocated socially concerned business in a series of essays, Everybody's Business (1916).

[Edward L. Greenstein]

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Eisenman, Charles

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