Eisenmann, Louis

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EISENMANN, LOUIS (1869–1937), French historian. Eisenmann, born in Haguenau, Alsace, moved with his family to France after the German annexation in 1871. In 1905 he became a professor of history at the University of Dijon, and in 1931 professor of Central European history at the Sorbonne. Eisenmann's special field of interest, in which he made important contributions, was Slavonic cultural history. Besides teaching, writing, and editing in this field, he served as general secretary of the Institute for Slavic Studies at the University of Paris. He was also an active director of the Center for the Study of Foreign Policy. Eisenmann's major writings deal with the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He wrote Le compromis austro-hongrois de 1867 (1904), La Hongrie contemporaine (1921), La Tchécoslovaquie (1921), and Un grand européen, Edouard Benes (1934). He contributed sections to Paul Milyukov's classic work on Russian history, Histoire de la Russie (1932–33). Eisenmann played a prominent role as editor of two French historical journals, Le monde slave and La revue historique.

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Eisenmann, Louis

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