Eisenstadt, Shmuel Noah

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EISENSTADT, Shmuel Noah. Israeli (born Poland), b. 1923. Genres: Social sciences, Sociology. Career: Hebrew University, Jerusalem, professor of sociology, 1959-, now Rose Isaacs Professor Emeritus of Sociology (lecturer, 1951-57; associate professor, 1957-59). Publications: The Absorption of Immigrants, 1954; From Generation to Generation, 1956; Essays on Sociological Aspects of Political and Economic Development, 1961; The Political Systems of Empires, 1963; Essays on Compative Institutions, 1965; Modernization, Protest and Change, 1966; Israeli Society, 1968; The Protestant Ethic and Modernization, 1968; Political Sociology of Modernization, 1968; Social Differentiation and Stratification, 1972; Tradition, Change and Modernity, 1973; Post-Traditional Societies, 1974; (with M. Curelaru) The Forms of Sociology, 1976; Revolution and the Transformation of Societies, 1978; (co) Patrons, Clients, and Friends, 1984; Transformation of Israeli Society, 1985; (co) Society, Culture, and Urbanisation, 1986; (with M. Abitbol and N. Chazan) The Origins of the State Reconsidered, 1986; (with others) Social Change in Latin American Societies, 1986; (with A. Shachar) Society, Culture and Urbanization, 1987; European Civilization in a Comparative Perspective, 1987; Civilita Comparate, 1990; Jewish Civilization: The Jewish Historical Experience in a Comparative Perspective, 1992; Fundamentalismo e Modernita, 1994; Power, Trust and Meaning (essays), 1995; Japanese Civilization, 1996; Paradoxes of Democracy, 1999. EDITOR: Comparative Perspectives on Social Change, 1968, Charisma and Institution Building, 1968; Political Sociology, 1971; (with S. Rokkan) Building States and Nations, 1973; (with S. Graubard) Intellectuals and Traditions, 1973; (with Y. Atzmon) Socialism and Tradition, 1975; (with L. Roniger and A. Seligman) Centre Formation, Protest Movements and Class Structure in Europe and the United States, 1987; Patterns of Modernity, 2 vols., 1987; (with M. Abitbol and N. Chazan) The Early State in African Perspective, 1988; (with I. Silber) Knowledge and Society: Studies in the Sociology Culture, Past and Present, 1988; (with E. Ben-Ari) Japanese Models of Conflict Resolution, 1990; (with W. Schluchter and B. Wittrock) Public Spheres and Collective Identities, 2001; Multiple Modernities, 2002; (with M. Hoexter and N. Levtzion) The Public Sphere in Muslim Societies, 2002. Address: Rechov Radak 30, Jerusalem, Israel. Online address: [email protected]

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Eisenstadt, Shmuel Noah

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