Eisenberg, Shoul

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EISENBERG, SHOUL (1921–1997), industrialist and philanthropist. Born in Munich, Eisenberg fled from Germany in 1938 and eventually settled in Japan. At the end of the war he laid the foundations of his worldwide industrial empire. In Japan, his companies became principal suppliers of raw materials for the country's steel industries and partners in a number of shipping enterprises. In South Korea, Eisenberg Companies developed many of its major industries. Eisenberg was the leader of the Tokyo Jewish community and he built its synagogue. He also made many gifts for projects in Israel where he and his family settled in the 1960s. An active participant in the economic conference called by the Israeli government in 1968, he established two large exporting companies. In 1980 he gained control of the Israel Corporation, one of Israel's large investment companies, which after his death was sold to the Ofer brothers in 1999. In 1978 he began to operate in China, with projects worth around $1 billion.

[Morton Mayer Berman /

Shaked Gilboa (2nd ed.)]

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Eisenberg, Shoul

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