Bródy, Zsigmond

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BRÓDY, ZSIGMOND (1840–1906), Hungarian journalist and poet. He used his pen in the struggle to attain equal rights for Jews. This was also the theme of his poetry, written under the pen-name, "A Hungarian Jew." His hymns (in Hungarian) for the Neolog Great Synagogue in Pest were in use for some years. Bródy was cofounder of the literary periodical Pannonia, which published Hungarian writings in German translations, and became known for his contributions to the papers Magyar Sajtó and Pesti Napló. He was active in Hungary's struggle for equality with Austria under the Hapsburg monarchy and was secretary at the Ministry of Interior in 1871. Resigning the following year, he bought the German-language newspaper Neues Pester Journal. In 1896 he was appointed to the Hungarian Upper House as a life member. Bródy made large donations to charitable causes and left most of his estate to a Jewish hospital for children, which was named after his wife Adel.


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