Antonius de Butrio

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Lay canonist, decretalist, and teacher; b. Butrio, near Bologna, 1338; d. Bologna, Oct. 4, 1408. He received his degrees in civil law (1384) and canon law (1387) in Bologna. He periodically taught in Bologna, Florence, Ferrara, and Perugia. In 1407 he was sent by Gregory XII to Marseilles to negotiate the end of the schism with Benedict XIII. After helping bring about the treaty of April 21, 1407, he returned to Bologna where he died. His works, which were noted for their practicality and wide diffusion, included Commentaria in quinque libris Decretalium (2 v. Rome 1473, 1474; Milan 1488, etc.), Commentaria in Sextum (Venice 1479, 1575), Consilia (Rome 1472, 1744; Pavia 1492; Venice 1493, etc.). He also produced other works designed to remedy the evils in the Church and to bring about Christian unity.

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