Antoniῐ (Alekseῐ Pavlovich Khrapovitskiῐ)

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Outstanding metropolitan and controversial theologian of the Russian Orthodox Church; b. March 17, 1863; d. Karlovci, Yugoslavia, Aug. 10, 1936. He graduated from St. Petersburg Theological Academy, entered a monastery, and was ordained in 1885. He was a professor at St. Petersburg Academy and Kholm Seminary, and rector of theological academies in Moscow and Kazan and of St. Petersburg Seminary. Consecrated in 1897 and appointed bishop of Volhynia, Ukraine, in 1902, he suppressed remnants of the Ukrainian Catholic Church and national aspirations of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. e was archbishop of Kharkiv (191417) and in 1918 became metropolitan of Kiev. When the Ukraine won its independence, he was exiled to Buczacz because of his anti-Ukrainian activities. The Bolshevik occupation of the Ukraine forced him to flee to Yugoslavia, where he became head of the Russian Synod. He was strongly anti-Catholic and very radical in his dogmatic teachings, which caused conservative Orthodox theologians to accuse him of heresy. He wrote many ascetic and dogmatic works, the most controversial of which are Dogma of Redemption (Kharkiv 1917) and Catechism (Karlovci 1924).

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Antoniῐ (Alekseῐ Pavlovich Khrapovitskiῐ)

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