Anthony Pavonius, Bl.

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dominican inquisitor and martyr; b. Savigliano, Piedmont, Italy, c. 1326; d. Bricherasio, April 9, 1374. Born of noble stock, Anthony entered the Dominican priory at Savigliano in 1341 and made his novitiate there. In later years he was twice prior of this community. Ordained in 1351, he became a master in theology and in 1365 was appointed inquisitor general (see inquisition) for Liguria, Piedmont, and upper Lombardy. In the course of these duties he had to contend principally with the waldensians, some of whom became so infuriated with his persistence and success that they brutally murdered him as he left the church after preaching. He was beatified Dec. 4, 1856.

Feast: April 9.

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