Anthon, George David

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Anthon, George David (1714–81). Danish architect. He was appointed Professor of Architecture at the Old Academy, Copenhagen (1748), and Royal Building-Inspector (1751), becoming Master-Builder to the Royal Court in 1760. He carried out the brickwork for Eigtved's Frederik's Hospital, and directed building works at Christian's Church after Eigtved's death, although he himself was responsible for the design and creation of the spire (1769). In 1756 he prepared designs for Frederik's Church, which were not realized, and which were developments of proposals by Eigtved and Jardin. Other works included the Castle of Bregentved, essentially after Eigtved's designs (1754), restoration at Kronborg Castle (1761), and building at Fredensborg (1762). In 1759 he published Anvisning til Civil-Bygningskunsten (Directions for Civic Architecture), which went into further editions in 1772 and 1818.


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