Anthony, Evelyn

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ANTHONY, Evelyn. (Evelyn Bridget Patricia Ward-Thomas). British, b. 1928. Genres: Mystery/Crime/Suspense, Romance/Historical. Career: Author. Publications: Imperial Highness (in US as Rebel Princess), 1953; Curse Not the King (in US as Royal Intrigue), 1954; Far Flies the Eagle, 1955; Anne Boleyn, 1957; Victoria and Albert, 1958, as Victoria, 1959; Elizabeth (in US as All the Queen's Men), 1960; Charles the King, 1961; Clandara, 1963; The Heiress, 1964, in US as The French Bride, 1964; Valentina, 1966; The Rendezvous, 1967; Anne of Austria (in US as The Cardinal and the Queen), 1968; The Legend, 1969; The Assasin, 1970; The Tamarind Seed, 1971; The Poellenberg Inheritance, 1972; The Occupying Power (in US as Stranger at the Gates) 1973; The Malaspiga Exit (in US as Mission to Malaspiga), 1974; The Persian Ransom (in US as The Persian Price), 1975; The Silver Falcon, 1977; The Return, 1978; The Grave of Truth, 1979, in US as The Janus Imperative, 1980; The Defector, 1980; The Avenue of the Dead, 1981; Albatross, 1982; The Company of Saints, 1983; Voices on the Wind, 1985; No Enemy But Time, 1987, in US as A Place to Hide, 1987; The House of Vandekar, 1988; The Scarlet Thread, 1990; The Relic, 1991; The Doll's House, 1992; Exposure, 1993; Blood Stones, 1994; The Legacy, 1997.