Anthony, Piers (1934—)

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Anthony, Piers (1934—)

Piers Anthony Dillingham Jacobs began writing science fiction/fantasy as early as his student years at Goddard College, Vermont (B.A. 1956). In 1967, he published Chthon, followed in 1968 by Omnivore, Sos the Rope, and The Ring (with Robert E. Margroff). Macroscope (1969) established him as a master of complex characters and cosmic story lines. Since then, Anthony has often published at least three novels annually—one science fiction, one fantasy, and one experimental. In 1977, he published Cluster and A Spell for Chameleon, each initiating a series. The Cluster novels, the three Planet of Tarot novels, the Blue Adept series, the Incarnations ofImmortality sequence, and others allowed Anthony to explore multiple science fictional themes, while the Xanth novels (A Spell for Chameleon followed by Castle Roogna and The Source of Magic, and a continuing series of sequels) have consistently placed him on the bestsellers lists.

—Michael R. Collings

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