Amico, Francesco

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Jesuit theologian; b. Naples, April 5, 1578; d. Graz, Austria, Jan. 31, 1651. He entered the Society of Jesus on Oct. 27, 1596, and after teaching the humanities, philosophy, and theology, he became chancellor of the University of Graz. Adapting his theological treatises to a four years' course of seminary teaching, he wrote his famous Cursus theologici juxta scholasticam hujus temporis methodum. The fifth volume of this work (De iure et iustitia ) contained three propositions censured by the Congregation of the Index, June 18, 1651, and later condemned by Alexander VII and Innocent XI [h. denzinger, Enchiridion symbolorum, ed. a. schÖnmetzer (32d ed. Freiburg 1963) 2037, 213233]. A decree of July 6, 1655, permitted the reading of a corrected edition of the work, such as the Antwerp edition of 1650.

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