Amic, Blaž

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Amič, Blaž

Amič, Blaž, Slovenian composer and teacher; b. Luče, Jan. 31, 1901; d. Ljubljana, Feb. 1, 1970. He studied organ and theory at the Ljubljana Cons. (1925–29) and at the New Vienna Cons. (1929–32). In 1945 he was appointed prof. at the Ljubljana Academy of Music. Most of his music is of programmatic content; all of his syms. bear descriptive titles, and much of the melodic and rhythmic material of his music reflects the folk motifs of Slovenia.


ORCH: Organ Concerto (1931); Symphonic Rhapsody (1933); 2 symphonic poems: Memento mori (1934) and Witch Dance (1951); 6 syms.: Resurrection (1935); Reverie (1940); The Whirlwind of War (1941); Pioneer (1948); Symphony of Labor (1950); In ite Fatherland’s Soul (1951); War and Peace (1960); 3 violin concertos (1953, 1953, 1966); Cello Concerto (1960); Clarinet Concerto (1963); Viola Concerto (1967). OTHER: Chamber music; piano pieces; songs.

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire