Alouf, Yehoshua

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ALOUF, YEHOSHUA (1900–1980), educator. Alouf was born in Slonim, Belorussia, but was sent to Ereẓ Israel at the age of 12 to study at the Herzliah Gymnasium in Tel Aviv. Returning for the holidays in 1914, he was caught up in World War i and continued his studies in Warsaw where he became a top gymnast with the local Maccabi. He returned to Tel Aviv in 1920 and was appointed teacher of physical education at the Gymnasium, later completing his studies at the Physical Education Institute in Copenhagen in 1925. From 1938 until his retirement in 1965 he served as national supervisor of physical education in Israeli schools. He was prominently associated with the Maccabi Sports Organization in a number of capacities, and was in charge of the first five *Maccabiahs. Alouf was responsible for the coining of modern Hebrew nomenclature in sport. He wrote many books on physical education. Alouf was awarded the Israel Prize for physical education in 1974.