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14. Aloofness

  1. Bartleby refuses to associate with others or even to mingle with other employees. [Am. Lit.: Melville Bartleby the Scrivener ]
  2. Chapin, Joseph successful attorney blinded by his emotional coldness and his need for propriety and respectability. [Am. Lit.: John OHara Ten North Frederick in Benét, 732]
  3. de Coverly, Major so aloof that nobody dares to ask him his first name. [Am. Lit.: Catch-22 ]
  4. Gatsby, Jay enigmatic and aloof from intimacy; addressed others as old sport. [Am. Lit.: The Great Gatsby ]
  5. Hatteras, Captain paranoid sea captain remains incognito for half a voyage. [Fr. Lit.: Captain Hatteras ]
  6. Havisham, Miss eccentric lady who resents men; maintains a detached attitude toward Pip. [Br. Lit.: Great Expectations ]
  7. Miriam mysteriously reluctant to reveal her past. [Am. Lit.: The Marble Faun ]
  8. Morgan, Captain officious officer; will not talk with enlisted men. [Am. Lit.: Mister Roberts, Magill I, 605607]
  9. Trot, Dame not troubled with other folks strife. [Nurs. Rhyme: Mother Goose, 13]
  10. Winterbourne distant from even his own feelings about Daisy. [Am. Lit.: Daisy Miller ]

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