Alonso, Raúl (1924–1993)

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Alonso, Raúl (1924–1993)

Raúl Alonso (b. 24 January 1924; d. 31 July 1993), Argentine painter and printmaker. Born in Buenos Aires, the son of the distinguished Spanish artist Juan Carlos Alonso, Raúl was self-taught. In 1958 he traveled to Europe and settled in Paris for a while. He exhibited around the world. He was invited to the Universal Exhibition in Brussels and to the Ibero-American Biennials in Mexico City, São Paulo, Valparaíso, Cali, and Punta del Este. In 1991 he had a show at the Hammer Gallery in New York. He received several awards, including the honor prize at the National Salon (Buenos Aires, 1975). He illustrated several books, among them The Ten Commandments, Amatoria, and Borradores. Alonso's paintings combine nature and imagination, appealing not only to the mind but also to the emotions of the viewer.

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