Wilbur, Ray Lyman

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Ray Lyman Wilbur, 1875–1949, American public official and educator, b. Boonesboro, Iowa, grad. Stanford (B.A., 1896; M.A., 1897) and Cooper Medical College, San Francisco, 1899. After studying medicine abroad, Wilbur became a professor (1909–16) and dean (1911–16) of the medical school at Stanford. In 1916 he became president of Stanford. In World War I he served with the U.S. Food Administration and was (1929–33) Secretary of the Interior under President Hoover. He retired as college president in 1943. The March of Medicine (1938) and Human Hopes (1940) are collections of his speeches and writings.

See his memoirs (ed. by E. E. Robinson and P. C. Edwards, 1960).