Resolution 51/26

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Passed by the UN General Assembly on 4 December 1996, this resolution, "Peaceful Settlement of the Question of Palestine," expresses support for the Madrid/Oslo peace process, reaffirms the "right to self-determination" of the Palestinian people, the necessity for an "Israeli withdrawal" from the territories occupied since 1967, and the need to resolve "the problem of Palestinian refugees, with reference to UN Security Council Resolutions 194, 242, and 338." There were 152 votes for it, two against (United States and Israel), and four abstentions. Its preamble asserts the "illegal character" of the Israeli settlements and initiatives aimed at changing the status of Jerusalem.

SEE ALSO Madrid Conference;Oslo Accords II;Resolution 194;Resolution 242;Resolution 338.

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Resolution 51/26

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Resolution 51/26