Palestinians "From Inside"/"From Outside"

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Expressions used to distinguish Palestinian political activists living under Israeli occupation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip from those living in exile. The terms became current during the first Intifada (1987–1993) to distinguish the mostly young leaders who arose in the early years of the uprising and improvised leadership structures to direct resistance activities, from the older leaders of established organizations, particularly al-Fatah and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) who had lived in exile for years and were caught by surprise by the Intifada, and struggled to take control of it. The term became particularly widespread post–Oslo Accords and signified the differences that arose between the Palestinian leadership inside the Occupied Territories that developed during the Intifada and the PLO leadership that relocated from Tunis and elsewhere in the Arab world and became part of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

SEE ALSO Gaza Strip;Intifada (1987–1993);Palestine Liberation Organization;West Bank.

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Palestinians "From Inside"/"From Outside"

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Palestinians "From Inside"/"From Outside"