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bou·gain·vil·le·a / ˌboōgənˈvilyə; -ˈvēə; ˌbō-/ (also bou·gain·vil·lae·a) • n. an ornamental climbing plant (genus Bougainvillea, family Nyctaginaceae) that is widely cultivated in the tropics. The insignificant flowers are surrounded by brightly colored papery bracts.


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Bougainvillea (family Nyctaginaceae) A genus of spiny, sarmentose shrubs or climbers that produce flowers in threes, surrounded by three coloured bracts. They are extensively cultivated, with numerous varieties. There are 14 species, native to tropical America.


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bougainvillea Tropical, flowering woody vine native to S America, often grown as a garden plant in warm climates. Its flowers have showy purple or red bracts. It was named after the French explorer Louis de Bougainville. Family Nyctaginaceae; genus Bougainvillea.

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