Bought and Sold

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Bought and Sold ★★ 2003

Coming of age tale set in Jersey City. Ray Ray Morales (Sardina) is working for minimum wage at a shoe store but really wants to buy some pawnshop turntables so he can be a DJ. So he gets a second job with local loan shark Chunks (Grifasi), who wants him to keep an eye on elderly pawnshop owner Kutty (Margulies) who owes Chunks money. Soon Ray Ray is falling for Kutty's niece, Ruby (Neshat), and getting too involved. When Kutty can't meet his payments, Ray Ray has to make some decisions about what's really important to him. 92m/C David Margulies, Joe Grifasi, Rafael Sardina, Marjan Neshat, Frank Harts, Christina Ablaza, Anthony Chisholm; D: Michael Tolajian; W: Michael Tolajian; C: Kip Bogdahn; M: Joe Delia.

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Bought and Sold

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