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Nacaome, the capital of the department of Valle in Honduras, traversed by the river of the same name. Founded in 1535, Nacaome was the site of a battle in which Francisco Ferrera and Francisco Malespín joined to defeat an invading Nicaraguan Liberal force on 24 October 1844. Malespín then led a combined Honduran-Salvadoran army to capture León, Nicaragua, on 24 January 1845, bringing a temporary respite to the fighting. The city was host to a conference beginning 6 July 1847 between Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, during one of many attempts to reunite the United Provinces of Central America. The Pact of Nacaome was signed there on 7 October 1847. The pact provided for the reconstitution of the federal government, but was never implemented because of the absence of representatives from Nicaragua and Costa Rica.


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