Iglesias Pantin, Santiago (1872–1939)

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Iglesias Pantin, Santiago (1872–1939)

Santiago Iglesias Pantin (b. 22 February 1872; d. 5 December 1939), Puerto Rican labor leader. Born in La Coruña, Spain, Iglesias Pantin arrived in Cuba in 1886 as a stowaway and remained there until sailing for Puerto Rico in 1896. He began his political activities in 1898, being arrested for attempting to raise the "cost of labor." In 1900, he traveled to New York because of ill-health. While in New York, he became acquainted with members of the American Federation of Labor. The following year he was appointed union organizer for Puerto Rico and Cuba. In 1918, Iglesias Pantin organized the Pan American Federation of Labor and continued to participate and promote labor concerns until his death from malaria in 1939.

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